Gesture Screen Lock Apk


Gesture Screen Lock Apk:

Gesture screen lock is a new Android security app that gives you a more secure way to unlock your device. With gesture screen lock, you can keep your device locked by simply waving your hand over the screen.

This app is a great way to keep your device safe from theft and unauthorized access. It’s also a great way to prevent kids from accidentally unlocking your phone. If you want to try gesture screen lock, download it from the Google Play store today.


What is Gesture Screen Lock?

If you’re looking for a way to protect your device’s screen from unauthorized access, then you may want to consider using a gesture screen lock. This type of lock requires you to use gestures in order to access the device, and it can be a great way to prevent people from accessing your device without your permission.

There are a number of different gesture screen locks available on Android, and they all have their own unique features. Some of the more popular gesture screen locks include the Finger Scanner Lock and the Eye Scanner Lock. Both of these locks require you to swipe or circle certain areas of the screen in order to access the device.

Another type of gesture screen lock is the Wave Lock. This lock uses wave-like motions in order to authenticate yourself. It’s not as popular as some of the other options, but it can be a good choice if you want something that’s relatively easy to use.


How to use Gesture Screen Lock?

If you are looking for a gesture screen lock app to use on your Android device, there are a few to consider. One popular option is This app has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Play Store and has over 100,000 downloads.

To use the app, first open it and sign in. Then select your device from the list of available devices. If your device is not listed, you can add it by scanning the barcode using the camera on your device or by entering its IP address. Once you have selected your device, click the ADD GESTURE SCREEN LOCK button.

Here you will be given a few options:

-Gesture type: You can choose between PIN or pattern lock. PIN requires six consecutive presses of the Home button while pattern lock requires drawing a figure 8 on the screen with your finger after pressing Home once.

-Screen time out: You can set how long the screen will stay locked after a gesture is made before automatically unlocking.

-Location: You can enable location tracking so that if your phone is lost or stolen, someone else will not be able to access your screen without also having access to your pin/pattern combo or location information. The downside to this feature is that it may cause battery life to decrease over time as the app constantly tracks your whereabouts.


How to download gesture Screen Lock

If you’d like to add a gesture screen lock to your Android device, there are a few different ways to do so. The first option is to use the built-in Screen Lock app. To do this, open the app and tap on the settings icon (three lines in a triangle). Under “Screen Lock,” select the “Gesture Screen Lock” option. Next, draw or snap a custom gesture using your finger on the screen. Once you’ve created your gesture, tap on “Set.” You can then use your new gesture screen lock whenever you want!

Another option is to use an external application. One popular option is GummyLock, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. After downloading and installing GummyLock, open it and select the “Screen Lock” option. Under “Gesture Screen Lock,” select the “Add New Gesture” button. Then, draw or snap a custom gesture using your finger on the screen. Once you’ve created your gesture, tap on “Set.” You can now use your new gesture screen lock whenever you want!


Best features of gesture Screen Lock

One of the best features of gesture Screen Lock is that it allows you to quickly and easily secure your device by requiring a three-finger swipe across the screen. Plus, it’s very simple to use, making it a great option for beginners. Additionally, gesture Screen Lock also offers a variety of other convenient features, such as the ability to password protect individual apps or sections of your device, as well as support for multiple devices. Overall, gesture Screen Lock is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy way to secure their device.


Advantages of gesture Screen Lock Apk

There are many advantages of using a gesture screen lock apk. This type of app uses your device’s camera and sensors to detect when you’re rotating your device or waving your hand in front of the camera. Once it detects one of these gestures, it will automatically lock the screen. This type of locking mechanism is much faster than traditional methods like PINs or passwords, which can take several seconds to enter. Furthermore, if you accidentally leave your device unlocked by mistake, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your information because no password is required to unlock the screen with a gesture screen lock apk.


Disadvantages of gesture Screen Lock Apk

gesture screen lock apk has some disadvantages.
-First disadvantage is that it requires a lot of effort to unlock the phone using gestures. Anyone who has used an Android gesture screen lock before knows that it can be difficult to unlock the phone using just your finger. You have to swipe and taps in various directions, and sometimes you have to hold down on the button for a certain time period. This can be a bit tedious if you want to use gesture screen lock apk occasionally.

-Second disadvantage of gesture screen lock apk is that it’s not as secure as other types of Android security measures, such as pattern or PIN locks. If someone knows your password, they can easily unlock your phone by guessing it or finding another way to bypass the gesture screen lock.

-Finally, one potential disadvantage of gesture screen lock apk is that people who are unfamiliar with it may find it difficult to use. If you’re not comfortable using gestures, then you might not be able to use this type of lock very effectively.



Gesture Screen Lock Apk is the best Android security app that lets you protect your device from unauthorized access. This app uses drag and drop feature to lock your screen by just pointing and clicking on an area on the screen. It also has a password manager to keep your passwords secure and hidden.



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