Is Asus Better Than HP? Which is Better in 2022?

Is Asus Better Than HP?

ASUS and HP are both top brands. HP has a significant global market share of 24%, while ASUS has around 7%. This article compares ASUS vs HP brand laptops to understand which one is better to buy in 2022.

Is Asus Better Than HP?

ASUS is better because the brand has a wide range of innovative laptops. ASUS laptops are perfect for gaming, business, and design. It’s also better value for money than HP laptops.

HP notebooks are well built and reliable, but they are best for business and college students. HP also makes high-end laptops, but they are expensive.

ASUS notebooks are small, thin, and light. The price is also cheap. ASUS uses high-quality building materials for all of its laptops. Even cheap ASUS laptops look competent and professional.

About ASUS

Asus Laptops VS HP

ASUS is a Taiwanese company, so it does most of its manufacturing in Asia. Most ASUS laptops are made in Taiwan or mainland China. However, ASUS also has manufacturing centers in Mexico and the Czech Republic. As an international company, we maintain the footsteps of a multinational corporation.

About HP

HP laptops vs Asus

HP is an American company that does most of its manufacturing and final assembly in the United States. Two of HP’s largest manufacturing centers are located in Indianapolis and Houston, where we assemble numerous servers, components, workstation PCs, and notebooks.

Asus vs HP Laptops which is better in 2022?

Asus vs HP which is Better in 2022?


Both are top-rated brands in terms of the design and appearance of their machines. They do a great job of adding a unique charm to each laptop. However, HP will have an advantage in terms of product design and the like.

HP has a lot of experience in enticing users and is unmatched in injecting laptops with its simple yet stunning design, color, and beautiful exterior construction. Even though elite laptops have many unique designs, Asus is not innovative and attractive in this area.

HP is the right brand if you’re on a tight budget but still want a great design.

On the other hand, although the two brands are very similar, we choose Asus when it comes to durability guarantees.

Asus laptops are more rugged than HP and have a military standard construction. If you are clumsy and adventurous, the Asus is a good choice.


In terms of display, HP is the best, but I don’t think Asus is far behind either. Both come in different sizes from smallest to largest. In each clause, laptops range from 13 inches to 17 inches.

With years of experience, HP is a well-known manufacturer of entertainment-based laptops. In other words, it can satisfy your visual needs and provide the best display quality.

Asus, on the other hand, is a company that loves gamers and injects unrivaled cinematic-quality displays into their laptops.

Both laptops support NVIDIA graphics on flagship systems. However, the laptop only has essential Intel graphics support. These two are reconnected.

Technical capabilities

Processor, memory, and storage are all essential components. This is the most important built-in for comparing the technical capabilities between the two machines. It is a draw between these two brands in this particular comparison.

Both make great machines for the price, but Asus does better on low-end laptops than HP. RAM and SSD can meet your expectations. Both are the same.

Asus tends to use 4-core processors in their low-end laptops. This is different from HP, whose specs are almost identical to the price.

Innovation case

Asus introduced ScreenPad to replace the traditional opaque touchpad. It also features a classic cooling mechanism inside the machine and new vapor chamber technology. Some flagship laptops even have 8-cell batteries. The world’s lightest, highest-pitched gaming laptop, ROG Zephyrus, is our biggest innovation.

Because it is a company that is unmatched in innovation leadership. Asus has now acquired HP as a brand featuring the fastest hard drives and the latest RAM technology (versions).

Asus gets a lot of consolation here, while HP can make a lot of improvements in the machine, but it’s not a noticeable innovation.


ASUS laptops offer great graphics for designers, gamers, and video editors than HP. Game lovers will love the ROG series. Many ASUS models offer state-of-the-art graphics for high-end gaming. Zephyrus is equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. High-end Asus laptops can run the latest resource-intensive games.


If we are talking about batteries, we can usually find 3-cell batteries, either Asus or HP. Asus used 8-cell batteries in their laptops, but standard 3-cell batteries everywhere. Whichever brand you choose, you’ll get a high-quality battery stand that’s right for your workload.

Product diversity

Asus offers a wide range of products within each product category. There’s an Asus laptop that you can use for everything: work, home, or gaming.

Users have been very positive about the ROG series gaming laptops. The ROG Zephyrus is an ultra-slim gaming laptop.

HP offers a wide range of best-of-breed laptops. No matter your budget, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect product.

Everyday use

ASUS and HP both make the best laptops for everyday use. Both companies offer a variety of laptops that you can use to browse the internet or stream Netflix.

Although the laptop doesn’t require the latest hardware and specs, it still needs a stable build quality. At every price point, HP notebooks are rugged and reliable. If you’re on a tight budget, HP laptops are a good choice.

ASUS offers more features for users looking for a newer laptop. The Chromebook Flip comes with a sleek 1080p display and a powerful Chromebook. The Zenbook series has a brushed aluminum chassis that looks classy. Many ASUS laptops also come with OLED displays.

HP notebooks are affordable and ASUS notebooks offer great value for money.

Business purpose

HP makes great business notebooks. The brand offers a wide selection, including 2-in-1s and laptops. HP makes well-built and reliable budget laptops. This laptop is suitable for most business and educational use.

HP also has more expensive business laptops which offer amazing features including a battery life of about 15 hours.

ASUS also makes good business laptops but doesn’t offer as many business laptops as HP. The Asus ExpertBook B9450 is an excellent laptop. Lightweight and stylish, it has a battery that lasts over 16 hours.

HP is a winner because they offer a wider range of great laptops for business.


Both ASUS and HP maintain dedicated gaming brands that focus primarily on designing and building gaming computers.

ASUS’ gaming brand is called Republic of Gamers or ROG. ROG was born in 2006 when ASUS created an entirely new division to serve the growing market of PC-oriented players and moved it into a dedicated gaming space.

ROG’s gaming flagship is the Zephyrus, a great gaming console capable of handling almost all the rigors of today’s modern programming.

HP’s gaming division is called Omen. Like ASUS, HP decided to jump into a dedicated gaming space in 2006. But HP acquired it before acquiring an independent company that had been making niche gaming gear for nearly two decades. The Omen brand is the same age as the ROG on paper, but Omen brings a longer overall history and more experience to its name.

That could change in the next few months or years with the rapid growth of the Zephyrus game line.

Customer Support

Given their size, both ASUS and HP have excellent customer support departments. HP’s local customer service team is very strong and ranks high online as well as over the phone.

ASUS customer support is great, but more powerful online than over the phone.

Both companies offer standard warranties that are included with every laptop they sell. HP offers a one-year warranty that covers your notebook from start to finish. You can also get an extended warranty through them.

ASUS’ guarantees are slightly different and more complex. Each component of your ASUS computer is warranted for an additional period. Warranties are not comprehensive, so their coverage will vary depending on which part of the machine is not working.

Some warranties last longer than one year, while others are less than one year. It all depends on which part is old first.

Price and worth

HP is the winner in terms of price, i.e. laptop options within a budget are far better than Asus. If you are looking for the best value for your money, Asus is the winner for you. See how.

HP is undoubtedly an expensive brand compared to Asus. Still, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for a generic machine, HP has a lot of better options than Asus. The range of budget laptops, Chromebooks, and more is far greater than Asus’ range. That said, whatever your budget if you’re hunting in the HP domain, you’ll find a laptop.

The problem, however, is that the specs are below average and you will soon regret your purchase.

In contrast, if you’re looking for a fairly good laptop on a small budget, Asus can offer an unparalleled value for money compared to HP.

Yes, if the price difference is within 50 or 100, you can see that the same budget laptop from the same Asus is much more competitive than a laptop from HP.

HP’s price tag mostly depends on the brand name, and entry-level laptops aren’t that great. For Asus, the price tag depends purely on the capabilities of the machine.

So it can be said that HP laptops are not worth the money, despite being cheaper compared to Asus. So, moving to a slightly more expensive laptop from Asus will give you a better ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Asus and HP unique?

Asus is unique in design and price. They offer a lot of great models available at all price points. No matter what price you pay, you can expect top-notch components. Their warranties are all broad and reliable.

Several brands are better than HP when it comes to design. Their models have an attractive shape regardless of the price.

You get a great machine at a price you can afford with the components you need. Customer support is great too, not perfect, but better than most brands.

Is Asus a good brand?

Yes! ASUS is one of the most popular notebook brands and is known for its durable hardware. They tend not to use much software bloatware, so you get a more streamlined experience with daily use.

Why is ASUS cheaper?

Some people think that ASUS laptops are low-end laptops due to their low hardware quality, but in reality, the opposite is true. Asus’ sales strategy and more streamlined production processes allow Asus to offer products at a much lower price point than HP.

Because there aren’t many models in each category (less efficient) compared to HP, the price can be lowered, so the savings are reflected!

When to choose ASUS?

Asus laptops are for those who want good value for money. If you need something basic along with a few extra features like an SSD or long battery life, this brand will suffice for most user needs.

When should I choose HP?

If you are looking for a more powerful laptop with the performance to handle all kinds of multimedia, the HP family is more suited to your needs.

Does ASUS or HP specialize in a particular area?

Yes. There are niches that both ASUS and HP have been trying to capitalize on.

For HP, the niche has been and will continue to be business computers. They have a very large department that focuses exclusively on making specific hardware, including laptops, for business purposes.

If you go to many retail stores, restaurants, and classrooms, you’ll find above-average HP products. Because HP products are the ones that focus on the on business most.

Also if you are looking for a work laptop for school, HP is the brand that will provide you with the best service, especially in that area.

ASUS mainly specializes in hardware that can make different kinds of computers. ASUS’ biggest differentiator is its budget diversity. ASUS has a wide range of affordable machines, including touch screens, gaming laptops, 2-in-1s, and more. If you’re looking for a great laptop that fits your budget, ASUS is here to help.

Is ASUS or HP better for serious gamers?

HP is a better brand for serious gamers than ASUS. HP has a long history for gamers and is generally better known around the world for its gaming machines.

ASUS’ gaming division is known as the Republic of Gamers (ROG), and the division’s flagship computer is the Zephyrus. ROG computers aren’t bad, they keep getting better over the years, but they don’t come close to the weight and quality of HP gaming consoles.

HP’s game line is called Omen. Omen laptops are much better known and better rated than ROG machines. Omen has a wide range of gaming laptops for all levels of gamers, from low-end gaming consoles to the highest-end.

The recent releases of the latest models of Omen flagship computers have been well received and continue to lead the way in terms of mid-range gaming laptops available on the market today.

If you’re only looking to brand your high-end gaming consoles, HP has an edge over ASUS ROG laptops.


Deciding between these brands for a new laptop is a difficult task. HP vs Asus is a matter of personal preference when making a true comparison. Both are great brands that make fantastic machines, but each has its unique features and benefits depending on who you are.

If you need fast processing throughout the day, the Asus might be a better choice thanks to its anti-glare technology.

If you need to take high-quality video and photos with fast processing speed anytime, anywhere, HP is the best laptop for you!